Anti Vibration Machine Foundation Slabs, Insulation Cork Board and Expansion Joint Filler
Anti Vibration Cork Slab is produced with granulated Cork Particles securely bound together with a synthetic resin of an insoluble nature.
Main Application
All machines or generators, compressor should be isolated in such a way so as to reduce and if possible eliminate the transmission of vibrations and consequent noise to the building wherein it is installed and the neighbouring buildings.
ZEBRA Isocork Slab
Can satisfactorily resolve problem of that nature and used with good results in the Anti-Vibratic isolation of foundation of heavy machinery reducing very considerably its transmission to the structure of the building.
Loading in
(Minimum 60% Load Slab area of Slab)
% Compression
% Recovery Lbs/Sq. inch
25 Lbs/Sq. inch
50 Lbs/Sq. inch
100 Lbs/Sq. inch
200 Lbs/Sq. inch
Compression due to the load transferred to the base of the machine and in turn to the area of Cork Slab underneath. This will be momentary and under this load Slab will recover back again, the Cycle will be followed.
                     Range of % Compression    Recommended Slab-thickness
12 mm (1/2")
25 mm (1")
50 mm (2")
75 mm (3")
100 mm (4")
Above these thickness more than 4" and up to 6" can be tried,
900x600 mm
12 mm (1/2")
25 mm
50 mm
75 mm
100 mm (4")
Anti-Vibration our quality ISOCORK-AV
290-320 kg/m3
Tensile Strength
7-9 kg/cm2
Compressive Strength
12.4 kgs/cm2
75 to 85%
Youngs Modules
150 kg/cm2
Specific Weight
104-120 kg/m3
Limit of Pressure Recommended
13,50 lb/ft2
Pressure allowable under Flexible condition Max
3,60 lb/ft2
Breaking Stress in Bending
25-35 lb/sq. inch.
Does not Disintegrate in Boiling Water
5 hours test
Specific Heat
0.35 to 45 KCal/kg°C
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity at 75°F
0.26/0,30 btu/sq. ft°F
Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
25 to 50
Low Thermal Diffusivity
0,00040/0,00068 m2/h
Standard Size: 900x600xThickness, 5.0 mm to 100 mm Higher Density from 104-120 to 290-320 kg/m3 available.
It is, therefore, an ideal material for thermal insulation or cooling chambers, to improve noise levels or to provide vibration insulation for running machinery. Insulation Corkboard is an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation material, besides being imputrescible, resistant to compression and flexural efforts, and of great dimensional stability.
Insulation Corkboard the pure expanded cork
Insulation Corkboard is made from autoclave expanded cork particles which are then bonded together with their own resin. Depending on the end use in mind - thermal insulation, acoustical insulation or vibration control - the specific gravities of the material will differ.
Energy Savings
Whether it is used in ceiling, walls or flooring insulation, Insulation Corkboard will be the ideal material due to its durability and ease of installation, and it is especially recommended for installation in cooling chambers.
Noise Control
The insulation of interior partition walls with insulation Corkboard will drastically reduce airborne noise propagation, creating a pleasant environment. You'll even stop hearing your neighbour's TV set.
Vibration Control with Insulation Corkboard
All running machinery of a certain size will generate vibrations that will transmit down to the floor. Such machinery should always be mounted on bearing pads and isolated from the other structural elements. Boards of high density Insulation Corkboard will give excellent results in this type of isolation. Vibration related cracks will be a thing of the past.
Regranulated Cork
When applied loose, as a filling material in wall interiors mixed with concrete (lightweight concrete), or as a soil levelling material, Regranulated Cork can be put to many uses in the construction industry.
Expansion Cork Joint Board is a perfect jointing material which follws the movements of other materials. It can expand and be compressed time after time without changing its material properties in any way.
Expansion Cork Joint Board is used to absorb thermal movements in concrete structures - airport runways, motorways, bridges, dams and the like.
Cork is such a good jointing material because of its unique design, created by Mother Nature herself. The material consists of fully sealed cells made of cellulose and resin and filled with air.
Expansion Cork Joint Board is used in many different types of structures - airport runways, motorways, bridges, buildings and so on. Expansion Cork Joint Board functions as a horizontal or vertical building joint between concrete elements, brick and building stone. Wherever you need a joint that can allow for changes in the volume of other materials - as a result of thermal movements - Expansion Cork Joint Board is the answer, no matter whether it acts as a jointing material or protects concrete elements from fracture and cracking.
Cork is a particularly fine jointing material in structures which require an even surface, such as airport runways. The reason is that Expansion Cork Joint Board, which is subject to pressure, never compensates for a compression in one direction by expanding in another direction. The walls of the cork cells condense and the cork then regains its original volume once the pressure is released. Another benefit is its unique ability to withstand extremely high pressure for short and long periods alike. Expansion Cork Joint Board can be compressed time and time again without losing its properties or being destroyed.
Specific Weight
290/320 kg/m3
Tensile Strength
7-9 kg/cm2
Compressive Strength
50% Thickness with weight of 50-1500 PSI
90% of its original thickness following a 50% compression
1/4" Expansion when subjected to a 50% compresion with respect to its original thickness.
Test in Boiling Water one hour min 140% expansion of its original thickness.
Resistance to HCl
Immersion in HCl will not disintegrate.
Standard Size: 900x600 Thickness 12 mm to 100 mm
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