Corkboard for thermic, vibratic & sound insulation :
It is, therefore, an ideal material for thermal insulation or cooling chambers, to improve noise levels or to provide vibration insulation for running machinery. Insulation Corkboard is an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation material, besides being imputrescible, resistant to compression and flexural efforts, and of great dimensional stability.
Energy Savings :
Whether it is used in ceiling, walls or flooring insulation, Insulation Corkboard will be the ideal material due to its durability and it is especially recommended for installation in cooling chambers.
Noise Control :
The insulation of interior partition walls with insulation Corkboard will drastically reduce airborne noise propagation, creating a pleasant environment. You'll even stop hearing your neighbour's TV set.
Vibration Control with Insulation Corkboard :
All running machinery of a certain size will generate vibrations that will transmit down to the floor. Such machinery should always be mounted on bearing pads and isolated from the other structural elements. Boards of high density insulation Corkboard will give excellent results in this type of isolation. Vibration related cracks will be a thing of the past.
Regranulated Cork :
When applied loose, as a filling material in wall interiors mixed with concrete (lightweight concrete) or as a soil levelling material, Regranulated Cork can be put to many uses in the construction industry.
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Cork Composition - the Versatile Material
Corkboard for Thermic, Vibratic & Sound Insulation
Rubberised Cork Gasket Material
Rubber Cork Gasket Material (Rubberised Cork Sheet)
Anti Vibration Machine Foundation Slabs, Insulation Cork Board and Expansion Joint Filler
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