Cork Composition - the versatile material
Composition Cork has an incredible potential. It is available in a whole range of different grades where the granule size, density, binding agent and other additives vary Composition Cork is used as a building material, flooring surface, notice boards, gaskets, shoe components, industrial vibration- absorbers and so on.
Composition cork is made of cork granules which have been joined together using different synthetic or natural binding agents. By using various binding agents and chemical additives it is possible to adapt the grade to suit user requirement and the purpose for which the material is to be used.
Cork is even used in the heat shield which protects the nose cone of space shuttles from the frictional heat encountered when the passes into the earth's atmosphere.
Many benefits :
The many unique properties of cork give composition Cork a whole range of benefits. It withstands temperature variations and humidity exceptionally well and has excellent insulation characteristics.
Composition Cork is an ideal surface on which to install any type of flooring material. It has the sort of resilience properties are also excellent-it muffles the sound of footsteps. Composition Cork improves the heat insulation of the floor as well.
Strength creates flexibility :
Composition Cork is a material that can be put to a multitude of uses. Nowadays it is used primarily as a flooring surface, vibration-absorber in machinery and as a component material in the manufacture of engine, gearbox and transformer gaskets. Notice boards and parts for the shoe industry are also made from composition cork.
Composition cork to suit every requirement :
Composition Cork is available in a number of grades, widths, lengths and thickness-in sheets or rolls. In addition to a large range of standard products, we can, of course, also produce composition cork suit special requirements and specifications.
Product Range
Cork Composition - the Versatile Material
Corkboard for Thermic, Vibratic & Sound Insulation
Rubberised Cork Gasket Material
Rubber Cork Gasket Material (Rubberised Cork Sheet)
Anti Vibration Machine Foundation Slabs, Insulation Cork Board and Expansion Joint Filler
Anti-Vibration Pads (Rubber+Cork+Rubber)
Agglomerated Cork Sheet
Readymade Rubber Cork and Plain Cork Gasket Components
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