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Cork Board

Anti Vibration Isocork Slab

anti vibration isocork slab

Anti Vibration Cork Slab is produced with granulated Cork particles securely bound together with a synthetic resin of an insoluble nature.

Main Application All machines or generators and compressors should be isolated in a way to reduce and if possible eliminate the transmission of vibrations and consequent noise to the building wherein it is installed and the neighbouring buildings.

ZEBRA Isocork Slab can satisfactorily resolve the problem of that nature and is used with good results in the Anti-Vibratic isolation of the foundation of heavy machinery reducing very considerably its transmission to the structure of the building.


The compression due to the load is transferred to the base of the machine and in turn to the area of the Cork Slab underneath. This will be momentary, and under this load, the slab will recover back again and the cycle will be followed.

If required we can provide thicknesses above 4” and 6”.


Anti-Vibration our quality ISOCORK-AV