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Anti Vibration Pads

Cork and Rubber Pads

Cork Sandwich Pad are laminated pads having bounded grained cork securely bonded between two layers of alternate low-high ribbed neoprene rubber pads. Neoprene for resiliency combined with cork for sound isolation. With a special ribbed design of alternate heights, additional vibration isolation is achieved. Available Sizes from 2" x 2" to 18” x 18” and thickness from 7/8” to 2” load range 50 PSI


The Zebra Anti-Vibration Pad should be measured and cut so there are no more than 50 pounds per square inch of machine weight on it when installed. Since most machinery is designed with approximately 50 PSI maximum base loading, cutting a pad the size of each foot of the machine, allowing for 1/2" overlap all around, will generally ensure proper loading.

To dampen vibration, a machine weighing 2400 pounds will require a Zebra Anti-Vibration Pad of approximately 6"x8" (2400/50 PSI=48 sq inches or an 8"x6" pad). A pad 3"x4" under each leg is required, provided the weight is distributed evenly among the four legs. Tilt-back presses normally carry more weight on the rear legs and therefore pad size should be adjusted accordingly.

For impact machines such as punch presses, drop hammers, etc., a lesser loading capacity is recommended generally 25 PSI. A double thickness of pad may be used to accomplish proper loading if desired.

In cases where hold-down bolts are necessary, the bolts should be isolated from the machine.