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Noise and Vibration Control

Neoprene Rubber Floor Mount

Neoprene Rubber has impressive resistance results, it is widely used in high-stress environments such as the construction and automotive industries. Good weathering performance, ozone resistance and resistance to compression and temperature make it ideal for specific uses. It is regularly used for seals on windows and bridges, washers, custom-made window gaskets and vibration pads and mounts.

Moulded neoprene-in-shear mount with embedded threaded load distribution plate and extended steel base plate. They are used to isolate noise and vibration from high-frequency mechanical equipment. The rubber in this neoprene isolator is loaded in both shear and compression to provide rubber in sheer performance as well as overload protection.

Available in Rated capacity range from 15 Kg to 1000 kg and deflection from 8 to 12 mm